The portal MVP aims to capture user interest and showcase platform activity, encouraging further exploration of solutions and registration of interest.

Business context

Nui Markets is a B2B digital trading platform for agricultural commodities that offers buyers, sellers, and traders visibility of real-time data and up-to-the-minute pricing.

Why are we building?

My product manager and I have drafted the architecture and future roadmap for the Nui Markets platform to provide a clearer product vision, requirements, and specifications during the product discovery phase. We aim to unify the platform and bring all solutions together globally rather than at an individual level in the future.

The idea behind this project was to create a "portal" that can be used as a sales tool to attract more customers to our platform. We need to provide more data to our users.

After many rounds of combined feedback from stakeholders, technical constraints, and all business decisions, we will include three widgets for the MVP V1: the last trade Nui Marketplace North America, the last trade Nui Marketplace Europe, and the upcoming tender, register other enterprise solutions.

This portal will be the entry point to the platform before users access a solution. It will provide quick, easily digestible insights to inform them of our platform activity and encourage more trading.

The portal will be built with Flutter and using the Material 3 design system. We will ensure adaptability and responsiveness for all screen sizes to unify our product into a single application and codebase.

Bring it all together.

Mobile App Dark and Light theme.
Web App dark and light theme.
Mobile App
Mobile Responsive
Web App



  • Increased user engagement by 40%, bounce rate by 8%, and potential business opportunities.
  • Captured more buyers into the platform and increased the conversion rate for interest registration by 30% in the first six months of launch.